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Helping people get active in the outdoors

We are MysteryCircle Lda, based on the island of São Miguel, Azores! A newborn small company guided by the compromise to bring Joyh and personal growth to the world through Nature, adventure and much more! We love life, nature, people, personal development and all the things that make us evolve to our full potentials as human beings sharing our existences on this planet.
Welcome! We are thrilled to receive you at the heights of the Azores Treetop Park!

Dare and EnJoyh!

As a NatureLab for Adventure, the Azores Treetop Park is managed by Hugo & Mafalda, part of a family with three kids, three cats and one dog! They are two persons with a professional background in Educational Sciences, Psychology, Visual Design, Environment an Ecology. Their aim is focused on the constant improvement of life dynamics, be it in corporations or in personal life. Hugo & Mafalda develop the outdoor activities sector and all the new projects to come, always searching for new and exciting partnerships and cooperation partners from diverse areas of action. This also includes help developing inspiring coaches, instructors and leaders in adventure sport (and life), to better support people, from all backgrounds, to get active in their own Lives enjoying the outdoors, and to help individuals nurture their skills and confidence for independent life adventurers. We have strong social responsibility values and aim at bringing more equality in various aspects of our projects, including more fairness in the financial income of our teams.
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